Novellens språk stone of the phalanx

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tror denna del är på ca 17 sidor kan dumpa hela novellen om det önskas

The stone of the phalanx
Chapter 1 : the greatest accident of his life

Frederic Fromthefield relaxed in his business class seat. "It\'s great having a grandpa who\'s rich" he thought. It\'s a little unusual for a 15-year-old to travel alone, but for once his older sister agreed with his grandfather. She just had too much work at home and at work. He took off 15 minutes ago at LA airport, and he was now flying over the big Pacific Ocean. He connected his laptop to the telephone socket in his chair and after checking his power connection to the socket; he slaughtered the computer in a game of Doom. After some time he got tired and started an adventure game. He was just about to enter the secret password the maid give him after he caught her in bed with the butler, so he could enter the secret cave under the house, when the plane started jerking up and down. He heard the dong from the light saying: \'...

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hentai | den 29 juli 2018 10:30
ledsen men jag hade dator problem så denna novell har försvunnit


hentai | den 8 juni 2018 18:58
kan säga om min stämmer så är denna novell helt och hållet på över 5k min lång